About Me

My name is Morgan Landry from Nova Scotia. I attended Park View Education Center and graduated with honors in 2022. During my time in high school, I took film production and communications technology classes and decided to follow film as a career path. I applied to Toronto Metropolitan University in 2023 and was accepted. Since then I have worked with Kejimkujik National Park to create a commercial, The TMU women's volleyball team as their social media assistant, and created short films being shown internally. 

Putting your business out there on social media can be intimidating and when it comes to making advertisements it's hard to know where to start. My goal is to not only help you grow your following on social media but to also teach you how to do it yourself so you are comfortable using different platforms and can personalize your content. I am trained to film commercials and advertisements on digital, film, and drones so we can make the advertisements reflect your business in every way at every angle. 

I am currently dividing my time between Lunenburg Nova Scotia and Toronto Ontario. I live in Nova Scotia during the summer months of April - August and September - March in Ontario for university.

  I would love to take on more contract and freelance work in both areas. If you have any film or photography jobs you would like my help on please contact me!